Looking for Multiple Dental Implants in Burbank?

Dr. Pourshirazi’s approach to multiple dental implants in Burbank is detail-oriented and thorough. He has in-depth experience with dental implants and upholds a high standard of quality and care. His goal is to achieve the results you want while providing an excellent experience where you are comfortable and excited. This is why he is among the best dental implants provider in the Burbank area.

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Benefits of Multiple Dental Implants

  • Long-term treatment
  • 97% success rate 
  • Implants feel like our own teeth and are the closest thing to them 
  • Maintain bone and significantly reduce the progression of bone loss
  • Do not damage adjacent teeth (like a dental bridge does) 
  • Easy to take care of 
  • Patients commonly state that their implants feel better than their own actual tooth
    Improved self-image and confidence

Before & After Multiple Dental Implants

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A Transformative Procedure

Patients who have one or several teeth that are damaged or missing often seek out dental implants to help them chew food and smile more confidently. Once the treatment is complete, we see three things almost every time: A huge confidence boost, a change in demeanor, and a big smile. It’s not uncommon for patients to cry tears of happiness. This is the part that we find the most rewarding. 

Making our patients happy is our number one priority.

— Dr. Ehsan Pourshirazi

Why SmileOnImplants Dental Centers?

Your smile means the world to us, and we feel that you deserve the focused care that we provide. Our centers have been developed to be patient-centric from start to finish, and we want you and your smile to exude confidence and happiness. This is why we provide the best multiple dental implants in Burbank

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Our Doctors

Our doctors focus only on dental implant-related treatments, which makes us specialists in this area. Each doctor we bring on is carefully screened to uphold our standards and quality of care.

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One Cost

At the beginning of your treatment, we state one price which will cover all treatment costs from start to finish. We do this to make sure you aren’t taken off guard with any unexpected expenses.

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Five-Year Warranty

Our long-term care plan includes a five-year warranty that guarantees that any parts of your treatment will be replaced with new ones — if needed — to reduce wear and tear. 

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One Team, One Location

All doctors and technicians on our team work in the same building to help prevent you from having to experience multiple visits at different offices. This reduces costs and travel time. 

What to Expect in Your Consultation

At SmileOnImplants Dental Centers, we offer free consultations so that you can learn all about your available options. Dr. Pourshirazi will discuss your needs, educate you on the treatments, and go over your customized, well-thought-out treatment plan for your multiple dental implants in Burbank. A CT scan will also be done, which the doctor will show you so that you can better visually understand what his plan is for you. 

He can even print your jawbone using a high-resolution 3D printer, holding your “own” jaw and teeth in his hands to show it to you. Using this jaw model, you can see where the deficiencies and infections of your jawbone are, where the implants will go, and where the bone grafting will be done if necessary.

Using these visual aids can be very helpful. After your discussion with Dr. Pourshirazi, you will meet with our treatment coordinator to go over financing options. 

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How Much Do Multiple Dental Implants Cost?

For each fully restored dental implant, the cost is $3,750. This includes the implant, custom abutment, and crown.

Dental Implants: The Procedure

With any dental surgery, anxiety is normal. That’s why we ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible. During surgery, you will be comfortable and pain-free, with both numbing and sedation (either oral sedation, light IV sedation, deep sedation with an anesthesiologist present). Your specific method of sedation will depend on your level of anxiety and your medical history.

For the procedure of your multiple dental implants in Burbank, your implant surgeon will cut your gum, exposing the jawbone underneath. A hole will then be drilled into the jawbone where the implant will be placed. This implant acts as the “root” of the tooth and is the part that eventually permanently attaches to the jawbone. Once the dental implant is placed within the jawbone, it will heal for 3-5 months and osseointegrate with the jawbone. This means that it will fuse with the surface of the dental implant and permanently fix the implant to the jawbone. 

When the dental implant has healed and fused with the jawbone, gum tissue may have grown over the implant and it will need to be re-exposed. This means that your dental surgeon may need to cut into the tissue. An impression will be taken of the exact location of the dental implant. This impression is then sent to our in-house dental lab so that our technicians can fabricate the abutment and the crown that is custom-made for the individual patient. Once we receive this abutment and crown back from our lab, we’re ready to fully fixate them together onto the dental implant. At this stage, your treatment for multiple dental implants in Burbank is complete. 

Our Technique for Dental Implants 

Dr. Pourshirazi uses suturing and tissue management techniques that reduce healing time and increase comfort level during the healing phase. He also takes extra care to utilize the best dental implants methods, taking a textbook approach to the procedures and performing them as ideally as possible to achieve optimal results. This is difficult to achieve, but if done properly, it will ensure the longevity of treatment for many years.

Additional Procedures

In addition to the dental implant procedure, some patients may need extractions and bone grafting of different types. Bone grafting possibilities include the following:

  1. Socket preservation (easiest and fastest healing time)
  2. Sinus lift grafting (up to eight months of healing time)
  3. Bone block grafting ((up to eight months of healing time)
  4. Guided bone regeneration (up to eight months of healing time)
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Recovery and What to Expect

After your surgery, you will be prescribed several medications for inflammation, infection, and discomfort, although most patients report very minimal pain. Only about 2% of patients report that they were in a lot of discomfort. 

We typically recommend that patients take 1-2 days off work minimum for their multiple dental implants in Burbank

Dental implants involve the patient wearing a temporary tooth during the healing phase. After 3-5 months of healing, the implant is now fused with the bone, gums are healed and have matured, and we can start finalizing the tooth for the patient and seating the final crown on their implant. 

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Dental Implants in Burbank with Dr. Pourshirazi

If you’re looking for the best dental implants in the Burbank area, our practice may be just what you’ve been looking for. We are a one-of-a-kind dental implant center that focuses on the patient’s journey. Founded by board-certified dentist Ehsan Pourshirazi, DDS, we are among the best dental implant centers available for patients today. We only do major implant-related procedures. Dr. Pourshirazi has extensive experience in these procedures and a very high success rate, placing implants in over 2,000 patients — a total of over 6,000 individual implants. He also teaches and trains other doctors in dental implant-related surgeries and prosthetic protocols. In addition, he has developed his own techniques and philosophy in implant dental surgery procedures and dental prosthetics.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

At SmileOnImplants Dental Centers, our number one goal for your multiple dental implants in Burbank is longevity. We know that patients invest a lot into these procedures, and we want to ensure that your treatment is fully functional for decades. We aim to avoid a “re-do” where you have to go through the same process again — both surgically and financially. Doing the dental implant surgery procedure right the first time is what we strive for.

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