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Our full mouth rehabilitation in Burbank helps individuals with multiple dental problems improve their appearance by combining restorative dental treatments to rebuild their smiles. These treatments include different dental implant and prosthetic options. 

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The Benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation 

Although unwise, it’s very common for dental care to be put off. This can often result in issues such as missing or infected teeth, as well as worn-down teeth that cannot be restored. This is where full mouth rehabilitation can provide remarkable benefits. This procedure can restore your smile to a healthy, functional, beautiful state. Our patients’ lives change in front of our eyes. They go from being insecure to radiating confidence and happiness. They often tell us that they can’t stop smiling after treatment.

Why Choose Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Patients often seek out help when they are having pain due to their dental issues, they can’t properly chew, are having continued difficulties due to ill-fitting dentures, or are bothered by the appearance of their teeth. With our full mouth rehabilitation in Burbank, we can address these concerns. Each plan is customized to meet the patient’s specific needs.

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“I am beyond thankful to Dr. Ehsan Pourshirazi and his entire dental staff. My daughter had a serious accident requiring her to get dental treatment that includes bone graphing, implants, and some cosmetic procedures. They have been absolutely amazing to us throughout the entire process. They are all that you would want in a dental office: competent, professional, responsive, and extremely friendly and courteous with their patients. I would recommend them to anyone needing any type of dental service that they provide. Thank you to Dr. Pourshirazi and your wonderful staff!”

Pati R.P.

“I had dental implants on my right side and my left side. This place is fantastic. The people are great. I would recommend anybody, if you want to get anything done with your teeth, come to Dr. Pourshirazi. If you want to have your teeth done, please come see him and these people will help you. They go backwards to help you on anything.”


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What is Involved in Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Dr. Pourshirazi always keeps the end result in mind, but focuses on the steps in front of him so that he can create the best path to the final destination. His specialties in full mouth rehabilitation include:

  • Atraumatic tooth extraction
  • Gum tissue management and suturing when finalizing the procedure
  • The proper amount of bone reduction
  • Proper placement of implant in the jawbone and angulation of implants and proper setting of the multiunit abutments 

Dr. Pourshirazi’s Detailed Attention Gum Management: An Example

Dr. Pourshirazi believes that gum management — both during and after your surgical procedure — is of the utmost importance for maintaining hygiene and keeping the areas clean of debris throughout the life of your treatment. For this reason, he will examine your gums about three months following your procedure and take a unique approach to check how this area has healed. After surgery, many patients experience a scar line on the crest directly underneath where the teeth touch the gums. This scar line is characterized by a dimple or protrusion which can become a food trap and create blockages. Whereas many doctors choose to do nothing at all about this line, make the final set of teeth, and send the patient home, Dr. Pourshirazi will remove the scar line by utilizing a laser or electrosurgery unit. 

In doing this, the regenerative process is started over again so that when the patient’s gum heals in a few weeks, the line is smoothed over and flat. This creates a much better situation for the final prosthetics. This innovation and attention to detail — which is something Dr. Pourshirazi is known for — can add years to the longevity of dental implants and prosthetics because bacteria can cause infection, which can resorb bone around implants, and the implants can fail. After hearing about this kind of attention to detail, patients often appreciate the level of care that we provide in our full mouth rehabilitation in Burbank. Every step of these procedures is very important, and all of them require attention to detail. This is something that is very important to Dr. Pourshirazi. 

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Why Choose SmileOnImplants Dental Centers?

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our patients. We don’t want to see you for just one treatment and then be done. Instead, we want to help you maintain your oral health long after your treatment is complete.

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Our Doctors

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of care for all treatment options. Each of our doctors go through a detailed screening process, and we only bring on experts who are as passionate about the field of implant dentistry as we are.

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One Cost

Our patients know the costs in a transparent and clear way. We give one price at the beginning of the treatment which will cover all treatment costs from start to finish. This ensures that you aren’t surprised with any unexpected expenses.

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Treatment Protection Plan

We give our patients a five-year warranty which includes both the surgical and prosthetic portions of treatment. (Terms and conditions do apply.) If needed, the screws and moving parts will be replaced with new parts to reduce wear and tear. 

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One Team, One Location

Having all of our doctors and technicians under one roof prevents multiple visits at different offices. This reduces costs and travel time for our patients, keeping appointments simple and convenient. 

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What material is used for the teeth?

Am I a candidate for full mouth reconstruction?

Is full mouth rehabilitation covered by insurance?

Which procedures will I need for my full mouth rehabilitation?

How much does full mouth rehabilitation cost?

What material is used for the teeth?

The teeth sets are usually made of zirconia. Full arch zirconia is highly durable, strong, and fracture-resistant. It’s also a highly esthetic material that can be stained and glazed to the specific teeth and gum shades that we choose.

Am I a candidate for full mouth reconstruction?

Individuals who are typically good candidates for our full mouth rehabilitation in Burbank have multiple dental concerns, including teeth that are missing, broken, worn down, cracked, or decayed.

Is full mouth rehabilitation covered by insurance?

The answer to this varies from person to person based on their specific insurance. For those who have dental insurance, a portion of the treatment is usually covered. The remaining portion will need to be paid by the patient. We offer custom financing options which can include partial in-house financing. During your consultation with us, we will go through financing details with you.

Which procedures will I need for my full mouth rehabilitation?

The only way to know exactly which procedures are necessary for you is to come in for a consultation, which we provide for free.

How much does full mouth rehabilitation cost?

The price range is $20,000-$28,500 per arch, and $40,000-$58,000 for both upper and lower. It will be $20,000 for surgery and the first set of teeth, and the first set will be guaranteed for up to one year.

Your Free Consultation

Before your treatment, you will meet with Dr. Pourshirazi in a 15-20 minute consultation. During this meeting, the doctor will inform you of your treatment options and educate you on all your options. A CT scan will be taken to map your jawbone, and Dr. Pourshirazi will show you these images to help you understand the areas of concern. He will provide you with the pros and cons of each treatment, including having no treatment at all. It’s very important during this meeting to tell us about previous adverse reactions that you may have had at the dental office, as well as any medicine or drugs you are taking.

Once you feel informed by Dr. Pourshirazi and you have asked any questions you have, you will then go speak with our treatment coordinator, who will walk you through your financing options for your full mouth rehabilitation in Burbank.

When you have a consultation with Dr. Pourshirazi, you can be sure that he will take the time to inform, educate, listen, and discuss. Together, you will work out a treatment plan that is individualized and appropriate for your needs. 

patient smiling after her full mouth rehabilitation burbank

I eat, sleep, and dream implant dentistry. Just as much, I love the transformation my patients have and how much their thought process and view of life changes. It’s really something when a patient walks in sad on their first appointment, and then when they’re done they can’t stop smiling. Their confidence goes through the roof. They are happy and worry-free about their dental issues that bothered them for so long.

Dr. Ehsan Pourshirazi

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Procedure Details

Procedure details for your full mouth rehabilitation will depend on your specific treatment plan, which will be developed during your consultation with Dr. Pourshirazi. During this meeting, he will explain everything you need to know. After surgery, you will go home. We will then have follow-up calls at one day, one week, and the third week before you come in for your post-op exam. On the third week, we will check the site and remove sutures (if non-resorbable sutures were used). You will then return home and continue to heal. 

At the three-month mark of your full mouth rehabilitation in Burbank, you’ll come back for another checkup. At this stage, we will take digital impressions and treat the gums with a laser or electrosurgery unit. At four months, you’ll come back and we will take all the impressions and images necessary to create your final set of teeth. You’ll return shortly after this, and we will give you your final set of teeth.

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Recovery and Results

Every patient’s pain tolerance is different, but most report that they can’t believe how painless the procedure is. They may mention slight soreness and a little bit of pain, but having anything worse than that is very rare. Only a very small percent of patients request refills of their pain medication. Most patients are very happy with the treatment and their new smile.

Bone Grafting 

In cases where major grafting is required, we cannot place implants at the same time, and procedures will be done in a delayed format. A large graft needs to become vascularized bone before an implant can be placed in that area. If you happen to have extensive bone loss due to periodontitis or infection, the following types of bone grafting are done prior to any type of dental implant:

    • Sinus lift grafts: This type of graft lifts the sinus floor and creates a bony place after healing where an implant can be placed.
    • Bone block grafting: This is done where the jawbone is very thin. Dental implants require a certain amount of jawbone width so that they can fit fully inside the jawbone without any surface of them being exposed. A block of bone is screwed onto the jawbone with regenerative materials. It will heal for 4-6 months before the implant placement is completed.

    A Note on Realistic Expectations and What We Consider

    It’s very important when undergoing a cosmetic dental procedure to have realistic expectations. Some patients may arrive for their full mouth rehabilitation in Burbank with a vision in mind that doesn’t actually make sense for their unique face. The following are all equally important to Dr. Pourshirazi:


    This includes the appropriate amount of white. Some patients may want “tissue white” teeth, but this isn’t always the most appealing look. In addition, the shape and size of the teeth have to match the face. Dr. Pourshirazi uses his own algorithm which incorporates age, gender, the size of the face, etc. to determine how much of the teeth should show. 


    The function of the teeth is critical, because if a patient isn’t chewing or functioning well with their treatment, then they can begin to develop issues with their facial/jaw muscles, TMJ, pain, and other problems. 


    Dr. Pourshirazi will take very good care of your gum tissue so that it’s easier to clean your new teeth when you’ve finished treatment. He also designs the final prosthetic so that it sits at the correct surface area.

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    Dr. Pourshirazi: Your Full Mouth Rehabilitation Dentist

    Proudly serving Burbank and the surrounding areas, Dr. Ehsan Pourshirazi, DDS is a board-certified general dentist who stands apart from the rest due to the techniques he has developed, his philosophy, and his long-term warranty agreement (which most dental centers do not offer). With a deep love and passion for dentistry and a focus on implant dentistry and prosthetics, Dr. Pourshirazi has improved and perfected current surgical treatments and prosthetic techniques. He even teaches and trains other doctors on implant-related surgeries and prosthetic protocols. We welcome you to our one-of-a-kind dental implant center where we set the highest standard of care for others to follow. If you’re interested in full mouth rehabilitation in Burbank, or even cometic dental procedures such as our signature smile makeover, book your free consultation with us today. 

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