A Natural Feel and Function

Dental implants feel and function very much like natural teeth, and when compared to other options such as bridges, crowns, and dentures, they are a more comfortable, effective, and long-term treatment for those with missing, damaged, or broken teeth. For these reasons, dental implants represent a new standard in tooth replacement.

What Material is a Dental Implant Made Of?

Dental implants are usually made of medical-grade titanium; however, other materials can be used, including zirconia or a hybrid of titanium and zirconia together. Titanium is common and recommended because it’s biocompatible and the body accepts it very well. It’s also quite durable and can withstand many years of use. 

Why Dental Implants Feel So Secure

Over time, a dental implant will actually fuse to the living bone cells of the jaw. This is known as “osseointegration”, and it’s a process that prevents slippage and other unwanted movements in the mouth. Osseointegration allows a patient’s new teeth to feel as natural as possible, makes eating much easier, and helps form a strong anchor for the new teeth.

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Placement to Final Restoration: A Timeline

Once your dental implant has been placed within the jawbone, it is then allowed 3-5 months to heal and osseointegrate with the jawbone. That is, it will fuse with the surface of the dental implant and permanently fixate the dental implant in the jawbone. Once the dental implant is healed and fused to the jawbone, the dental implant will be re-exposed. An impression will be taken of the exact location of the dental implant and sent to our in-house dental laboratory so that our technicians can fabricate the abutment and the crown that is custom-made to the individual patient. Once we receive this abutment and crown back from our lab, we’re ready to fully fixate them together onto the dental implant. At this stage, the treatment is complete and the patient can now confidently smile and chew comfortably for many years.

Why SmileOnImplants Dental Centers?

Discover what makes us stand apart from other dental implant providers and why our patients love us.

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Our Doctors

Our doctors each go through a detailed vetting process, and we only employ professionals who are as passionate about the field of implant dentistry as we are.

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Only One Cost

To prevent unwanted surprises, we state one price at the beginning of the treatment which will cover all costs of your dental implant surgery from start to finish. 

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A Long-Term Care Plan

Our five-year warranty ensures that any screws and moving parts will be replaced with new parts to reduce any wear and tear. 

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One Convenient Location

We keep your appointments simple and convenient by having all of our doctors and technicians under one roof. 

The Components of a Dental Implant

A fully restored dental implant consists of three major components:

The Dental Implant

a screw which is placed within the jawbone and acts as the “root” of the tooth. It’s the part that permanently attaches to the jawbone.

The Abutment

This part gets fixated with the screw on top of the dental implant. It supports and holds a prosthetic tooth or set of teeth. It’s most commonly made of medical-grade titanium, or in some cases, a combination of titanium and zirconia.  

The Crown 

This is the new tooth prosthetic that is visible and sits on top of the abutment. The crown can be made of many different materials including zirconia, EMAX, porcelain, EMAX fused to zirconia, gold, and porcelain fused to metal, amongst others.

Take the First Step

Dental implants can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a full upper and lower set of teeth. No matter what you’re looking for, if you’re interested in getting dental implants, we encourage you to contact us to book your free consultation which will include a CT scan, doctor consult, and information on financing options. At SmileOnImplants, dental implant surgery and prosthetic-related treatments are our top services.

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